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As a professional wedding photographer I get to work at so many beautiful venues with great couples.  Grace and Tristan are no exception.  They hired me last year to be the wedding photographer at their Fourth of July Wedding at Mount Hope Farm.  We met up in the fall and did some epic engagement photos in downtown Providence, RI.  They were so fun to work with, so I was really looking forward to photographing their Mount Hope Farm Cove Cabin wedding!

Wedding Prep in Bristol, RI

Their wedding took place over 4th of July weekend at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, RI.  Bristol is home to the oldest Fourth of July celebration in the US, so it was a fitting theme for the wedding.  The day of their wedding started out with photography of both the bride and groom getting ready at separate locations in Bristol, RI.  The bride got her red, white and blue flowers and the groom put on his flag socks and fireworks tie.

Wedding Ceremony at St. Mary’s

Then we headed over to St. Mary’s church for the wedding ceremony. It is an absolutely beautiful church and a joy to photograph in. What struck me most though was their first look down the aisle. The groom had the reaction that I think every bride hopes for as she walks down the aisle on her wedding day!

Wedding Photos in Bristol, RI

Following a small struggle with the rings (haha), they were pronounced married and it was time for professional wedding photos. Before heading over to the wedding reception, we stopped at a few photo spots in Bristol. First up was the parade route with the red white and blue lines down the center of the road. Then we stopped by the house the mother of the bride grew up in. There was a brief interlude for White Claw seltzer product placement photos and Orange Theory Fitness lunges. We ended the formal photo session on the beautiful lawn along the water at the bride’s uncles house.

Wedding Reception

Then we headed over to Mount Hope Farm for the Fourth of July themed wedding reception. We still had some time before guests arrived, so we walked down to the beach for more formal photos. While we waited for the groom to catch up, Grace stood out on the rocks overlooking the Mt. Hope bridge. When the groom arrived he asked me to keep taking photos for a minute so he could just admire her. Swoon! I love doing weddings down by the Cove Cabin. There are beautiful views in every direction!

All that was left to do was PARTY! The groom got things going by throwing off his suit jacket to reveal American flag sleeves during the first dance. Then the band Radiance really got things going with a pre dinner dance set. Nobody even cared when it started pouring rain outside the tent. It actually made for some pretty amazing sunset wedding photos.

What an awesome night! Congrats you two.

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