Turning Moments into Memories

i'm katie

Wedding Photographer. Mom. Entrepreneur. Lover of adventure. One who seeks to find beauty in everything around me.

My family consists of my husband Taylor, son Cam, and two rescue dogs Lucy and Teddy. We currently live in East Greenwich, RI. Before moving here, we called Norwalk, CT home. We also spend a lot of time at our parent's homes in the Adirondacks and Cape Cod!


I was born and raised in Manchester, CT. My strongest childhood memories are of vacations with my parents and two younger sisters. Every winter we'd go on ski trips at mountains around the northeast, and each summer we'd spend two weeks at the Cape in Wellfleet. This photo was taken in the spot where my husband would later propose to me!


After a lifetime of being asked if we are related to Braveheart (my dad's name is William Wallace) it seemed fitting to name my business Brave Hearts Photography.


Genealogy is something I'm passionate about. I am the unofficial family historian. I love looking at old photographs. It's weird to think that my son will only get to "know" my grandparents through photos like this one.


Being the center of attention isn't really my thing, so I don't always enjoy getting my own photo taken. Although it's a great exercise for me to do every now and again so I can relate to what my clients are feeling on the other end of the camera!