Laugh More. Pose Less.

Clients like these make my job as a professional wedding photographer so fun!  I’m excited to share these wedding photos from this Westport CT wedding.  I seriously loved working with this couple.  Maybe it’s because we all share the same astrological sign if Leo?  Or perhaps it was their collection of 30 some odd friends that made the day so much fun.  Or just the way they ARE together.  Their love for each other is expressed so outwardly, it makes my job as a documentary wedding photographer so fun!

Getting Ready

Wedding prep for both brides took place at their home in downtown Westport, CT.  This isn’t just any house.  You see, Marcella is the assistant rector at Christ and Holy Trinity Church, so she and her partner Meg get to live at the rectory.  It’s a cool old home right in downtown Westport and it was filled to the brim with all of their girlfriends when I arrived.   

One of my favorite moments during the getting ready process happened once she was fully dressed and she turned to look at herself in the mirror.  She looked utterly speechless until she said something along the lines of “I feel so pretty!”  It’s that moment that every bride hopes for on her wedding day.

I didn’t get to see Meg getting dressed, but I can tell how special it was for her to have her father and brother helping her from the photos my second photographer captured.

First Look

Once both brides were ready, everyone assembled in the living room and it was time for their first look.  I enjoy photographing LGBT weddings, as they tend to do things a little differently.  Friends helped them get into position (back to back instead of the standard tap on the shoulder) and then they slowly turned around to see each other.  They were both clearly speechless and completely floored by each other’s reactions.  The moment seemed to go on forever.  One of the best first looks I’ve witnessed.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

Wedding Portraits in Westport, CT

After everyone recovered from the first look, we all hopped on a school bus and headed out for photos.  The first stop was Terrain, a really cool garden store with lots of plants and a greenhouse area.  We snapped a few photos and then moved on as it was pretty busy inside the store.

Unfortunately, the rain sort of ruined our plans to do group photos on the beach, so instead we headed to a bar for some photos, drinks, food and chill time before the ceremony.

Vanity Fair Inspired Wedding Photos

Even before we knew about the rain, the brides had told me about their dream to do a Vanity Fair style photo with the entire group of ladies.  When it became clear our plans for photos on the beach in Westport, CT weren’t going to work out, they suggested we go for it.  Luckily her neighbors at The Visual Brand offered to let us use their studio space for the photo.  I still don’t know how we pulled this off…

Wedding Ceremony

A flower child parade started the ceremony and then both brides were escorted down the aisle.  This was a very special ceremony considering both brides are self-proclaimed “church ladies”.  The homily was so personal, everyone was laughing, crying and having all the feels.  (OK and a few of the children fell asleep)

Westport CT Wedding Reception

Afterward, all the guests moved into the beautiful church hall (another change due to the weather) where they enjoyed an absolutely amazing grazing table.  Green Apple Weddings & Events set up and managed everything. The bride’s brothers both gave hilarious and touching speeches and then it was time for dances.  The couple danced their first dance to the Etta James song A Sunday Kind of Love, which was very fitting for two “church ladies”.  Wishing them a lifetime of happy Sundays to come! 

I support marriage equality and cherish photographing same-sex weddings.  To see my full wedding photography portfolio click here, or contact me to learn more about my professional wedding photography services.