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The Bohlin Weddings & Events Venue

The Bohlin Weddings & Events provided the perfect backdrop for this stunning boho wedding. Tucked amidst elegant yachts, The Bohlin’s dock offers unobstructed views of the harbor and the iconic Newport Bridge. It has a laid-back ambiance, contrasting with the opulent gilded-age mansion venues nearby. The Bohlin was the ideal choice for Rachel and Ryan’s wedding.  

A bride and groom embrace and look at each other in silhouette with a harbor and boats and a sunset sky behind them at The Bohlin Weddings & Events
A bride and groom touch noses in front of a boho and pampas grass arbor at The Bohlin Weddings & Events

Getting Ready

The bride, along with her mother and sisters, chose the Newport Harbor Hotel to prepare for the day. Their room opened up to a grassy area and views of the water, where the bride shared a special first look with her father.  Meanwhile, the groom prepared in a nearby Airbnb with the couple’s dog.  

Three sisters in white robes kneel on a bed with their arms around each other laughing
A bride standing in a hotel room with boats and a harbor reflected in a glass doorway
A bride in a white sparkly dress with white flowers looks back over her shoulder smiling

First Look at The Bohlin Weddings & Events

When it came time for the first look, the groom and their dog walked through downtown Newport to The Bohlin.  In a picturesque scene, the couple shared a magical first look at The Bohlin’s docks. The couple’s golden retriever Ralph was mostly interested in chewing on his bone.

A golden retriever drags a man wearing a tuxedo through the streets
A man wearing a suit pats a golden retriever on the head
A bride taps the shoulder of a groom as he turns around to see her during their first look

Newport Wedding Photos

After the first look, we took a wedding trolley over to Cliff Walk for wedding photos at the 40 Steps.  The rugged cliffs and crashing waves provided an iconic Newport background for the photos.  

A bride and groom kiss at the bottom of the 40 steps as a swimmer swims by in the ocean beyond at their Newport wedding photos
A bride in a white dress and veil laughs with her arms intertwined with her husbands as he whispers into her ear

Ceremony at The Bohlin Weddings & Events

Returning to The Bohlin, the couple exchanged vows on the dock, surrounded by a meticulously designed setting. An exquisite a-frame arbor adorned with pampas grass served as a stunning backdrop for the ceremony.

A bride smiles and looks at someone as she puts a ring on his finger.
A bride and groom share their first kiss in front of an a-frame arbor in newport
A bride and groom share their first kiss with a woman and man clapping on either side of them
A bride reaches out to high five a little boy as she and her husband exit their wedding ceremony


Under the elegant tent at The Bohlin, the evening unfolded with a celebration that would be remembered for years to come. Family and friends gathered to raise a glass and toast to the newlyweds’ happiness. The highlight of the night came during the bridesmaids’ speech when the bride’s sisters surprised everyone with a hilarious rendition of a Hamilton-inspired rap. 

A bride and groom hold hands and dance under the tent with lights at The Bohlin Weddings & Events
A bride and groom hold outstretched arms while dancing in a lit tent wedding
A bride hides her face behind her hands as her husband laugh in response to two women giving speaches
A bride and groom clap in response to two women in red dresses giving speeches in the tent at The Bohlin Weddings and Events
A bride motions to come here with her fingers on the dance floor at her wedding
A bridesmaid dances with a grandma at a wedding

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