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Fort Adams Wedding

A silhouette photo of a bride and groom holding hands inside a tunnel at a Fort Adams wedding by Brave Hearts Photography

Weddings are back!  I could not have been more excited to photograph this one in Newport, especially the wedding photos at Fort Adams (a place I had not been before)!  I rarely get to be a second photographer, so this was a real treat working with Ken Pak at Chelsea and Niall’s wedding.  

First Look 

To start, I captured the groom getting ready in the bridal suite at the venues, while the bride got ready for the wedding over at Gurney’s Resort.  After they were both ready, we met up at the Newport Harbor Lighthouse for the first look.  It’s a gorgeous location with 180-degree views of the bay and the Newport bridge.

Two guys help a groom adjust his suspenders
A bride and groom touch hands before seeing each other during their first look
A bride and groom share a first look
A bride sits on her grooms lap and they smile with the newport bride in the background
A brides sparkly shoes entertwined with her grooms shiny dress shoes
A bride and groom walk hand in hand by the Newport Harbor lighthouse near Gurney's Resort wedding venue in Newport, RI

Wedding Photos at Fort Adams

Next, we drove over to Fort Adams for the rest of the wedding photos.  I had not been there before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  First, we hopped in a golf cart outside the walls of the fort and were taken up through a tunnel into the center of the fort.  Our first stop for wedding photos at Fort Adams were some of the interior rooms, which were in a beautiful state of decay.  The window light was exquisite, which made for some beautiful portraits.  We also checked out the roof of the fort, and some other rooms, before stopping in the tunnel for some silhouette photos on the way out.

A bride stands in a close doorway as the groom stands in a far off doorway at a Fort Adams wedding in Newport, RI by Brave Hearts Photography
A bride hugs her groom from behind in an old brick arched building
A groom smiles and holds his brides hand as they walk down a stone spiral staircase

Wedding Ceremony

After the Fort Adams wedding photos, we returned to goat island for the rest of the wedding festivities at Regatta Place.  Since I was the secondary photographer for this wedding, I got to hang in the back and see the final moments before the bride’s cowboy-hat-wearing father walked her down the aisle.  As a result, I also got to capture her perspective walking down the aisle with all the guests looking back at her.  Once the ceremony ended, guests enjoyed a windy and sunkissed cocktail hour by the water followed by an epic dance party under the tent.

A bride greets her father with a hug
A flower girl's curly hair blows in the wind as her hand is held
Wedding guests walk by Goat Island Marina sign to a wedding at regatta place
The father of the bride kisses his daughter behind a screen just before it opens and they walk down the aisle
The bride and her father wearing a black cowboy hat walk down the aisle with guests looking on and taking photos under the wedding tent at regatta place newport
Two wedding guests in the aisle hold out their photos to take a photo of the bride and groom at the alter getting married
Wedding guests laugh and drink cocktails
A bride holds champagne and hugs a wedding guest
The bride laughs as she dances with her groom
The bride and groom laugh as they listen to the best mans speech at their regatta place wedding
A bride dances with her father who is wearing a black cowboy hat at Regatta Place in newport, RI
A bride and groom kiss at sunset with the newport bridge in the background
A bride dances with guests at her tent wedding in Newport, RI
A bride and two guests react to a virtual wedding guest on the phone
The bride dances at her wedding with her cowboy hat wearing father
Wedding guests play inflatable guitars during a wedding reception

In conclusion, it was GREAT to be back!

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