Laugh More. Pose Less.

Being a professional photographer doesn’t feel like working with clients like these!  And a wedding venue like the Five Bridge Inn! You might remember Andrew, Ashley, and Emmy from their amazing family/engagement photos I took at Moore State Park last fall.  I knew this would be a fun and different couple when I received the first inquiry about wedding photography from the groom.  You see, most inquiries come from the bride, and I don’t get to meet the groom until much later.  In this case, he did a lot of the planning for their wedding, and everyone kept joking that this was the wedding he’d always dreamed of as a little “girl”.

Getting Ready

The unique aspect of having your wedding at the Five Bridge Inn, is that you can rent out the Inn for the night or weekend and have all your VIP guests stay on site (which is exactly what they did).  The plan was to have the ceremony outside, and the reception in the new heated Barn.  Mother nature had other plans.  I arrived at the Inn in a TORRENTIAL downpour as plans were being shifted to have the ceremony inside the barn.  The bride was getting ready, and her daughter was playing with the ring bearer.

When it came time to get Emmy dressed in her ridiculously cute flower girl dress, everyone pitched in to help.  Kids have so much darn energy, I love it!  Then it was time for her to get into her dress.  Her father stepped in to handle the pesky buttons on the back of her dress.  Another task not usually performed by men at a wedding!

First Look

The groom arrived at the wedding and waited in the two-story entryway at the Five Bridge Inn.  His love slowly walked down the stairs as he turned to see her for the first time, followed by a loving embrace.  I let them have a few minutes to themselves, taking some stealth photos from the balcony above.

Wedding Photos

We managed a few photos outside under the covered front porch, and then it was time for family photos.  When we got back inside, bridesmaids helped to warm up her cold hands, and Emmy started getting impatient waiting for her flower girl duties to begin.

Barn Wedding Ceremony at Five Bridge Inn

Fast forward to the ceremony.  Their friend and officiant threw a few curveballs, having a few randomly chosen people come up to say a few words about the couple.  Everyone was so clearly touched by this couple’s love story.  It got even more emotional when they read their handwritten vows to each other.  Drew included a vow to love and cherish their daughter Emmy -to which she responded by requesting that he vow to love Matthew the ring bearer also.  Big laughs ensued.

After being pronounced man and wife, we headed outside for a few photos since it had finally stopped raining.  The bride’s dress got a TAD muddy in the process, but her bridesmaids helped her get all fixed up before the reception.


About halfway through the first dance, Emmy and Matthew ran out and started twirling around the dance floor, taking all the attention off the newly married couple.  They did not care in the slightest, and come to find out one of the bridesmaids actually sent the kids out to “help”.  Haha!

After some heartfelt and hilarious speeches from the best man and maid of honor, Emmy had something to say – “Happy Anniversary” to her mom and dad!  She was equally excited about the cake and dancing the night away in the barn with The Dance Floor DJs!

As you can see, the Five Bridge Inn wedding reception dance party got a bit wild.  At one point I looked over and a plastic lawn ornament deer was crowd surfing onto the dance floor.  You can’t make this stuff up!  Even grandma got in on the fun.

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