Laugh More. Pose Less.

Although I mainly photograph weddings, I am also a Rhode Island family photographer.  I’m based in East Greenwich, RI and I specialize in documentary-style family photography.  This means that I like to photograph real life.  I dig deeper than the standard family portrait where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera.  My goal is to tell the story of your family, as you really are, TODAY.  Why?  Because real life is beautiful.  It goes by far too quickly and photographs have the unique power to bring your memories back to life.

Day in the life Rhode Island family photography

These particular Rhode Island family photos are very special because they are of my family!  Days are usually pretty interesting around here with my 10-month-old son, husband and two dogs.  I love the concept of day in the life family photography sessions.  They are a way to document what your family is REALLY like.  Time goes by so quickly when you have children, and they are constantly changing.  Documentary style family photography captures these special memories. 

Kids and Dogs

My son imitates his father eating breakfast.  I love how his little legs stick out from underneath his exersaucer.  There is also usually a pair of dog legs nearby, especially if food is involved!

My son is already quite good at doing two things at once.  He can pet his dog and drink a bottle at the same time!  He also loves smiling.  Smiling is his favorite.

Breakfast Time

As his bib declares, sometimes he gets a little moody without his foody.

However, he’s usually pretty quick to cheer up.  Especially if puffs are involved and his dogs are nearby.

Getting Dressed

It’s always a challenge trying to get him into his clothes in the morning.  He immediately flips over on his changing table and tries to wriggle away.  When we pick him up and try to put him back on the changing table he goes rigid, refusing to lay down, because he just wants to stand and check out the baby on the other side of the mirror!  It’s pretty hilarious!

And you never know when he’s going to decide to break into the liquor cabinet!

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