Laugh More. Pose Less.

It was a gorgeous evening on Cape Cod for family photos! I met with the W family at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet Cape Cod for their family photo session. This was our second time doing family photos at Newcomb. The first time was in 2017 when their first grandchild was one years old. This time they had a second grandchild that is four months old. Next time there will be a third grandchild! It’s so fun to see a family grow from year to year.

We started the family photo session at 5pm, just before low tide. It was a gorgeous evening and the beach was still very crowded. So we walked down a ways to the right to our own private stretch of beach. Our first challenge was trying to get both kids together for a photo. The little four month was flashing huge smiles within seconds of my pulling out my camera. The four year old took a little more coaxing…

Well worth the effort I would say! With the photo of the kids out of the way, we moved on to grandma and grandpa. How fun to have three generations of family together for a beach photo session! It was still pretty hot, so we moved into the shade. Which seemed like a good idea until everyone started getting bit repeatedly by black flies. It was pretty comical actually. Everyone (including me) jumping every few seconds as we got bit by flies!

To end this Cape Cod family photo session, we let everyone run around a play on the beach! Newcomb has a great sandbar this year and it was out in full force. The light was golden. A perfect night for Wellfleet beach photos!

Photography: Brave Hearts Photography

Location: Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA USA