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I try to spend as much time as I can at my family’s beach house in Wellfleet where I love being a Cape Cod family photographer.  I know the outer Cape well and service the towns of Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown.  Families tend to come together from all over to vacation on the Cape, so it’s the perfect time to get family photos taken!

Cape Cod Family Beach Photographer

The most popular place to have family photos taken on the Cape is (of course) at the beach.  And there is no shortage of gorgeous beaches to choose from.  I especially like the ocean side beaches in Wellfleet and Truro with their gigantic sand dunes.  For a sunset session, the bayside beaches in Eastham and Wellfleet at low tide are pretty amazing.

Bluff Photos

Because I’ve spent so many years exploring the outer Cape, I know some off-the-beaten-path spots.  I especially like getting high up on the bluffs to get panoramic views of the coastline!  These locations are for the adventurous family who doesn’t mind a little hike to get unique photos.

Cape Cod Lighthouse Family Photos

Nothing screams Cape Cod like having a lighthouse in the background of your Cape Cod Family photos!  I especially like Highland Lighthouse in Truro that can be visited up close and Woods End Lighthouse in Provincetown that can be seen off in the distance from several spots.  Not quite a lighthouse, I also love the Old Harbor Life Saving Station out in the Provincelands dunes!

Alternative Cape Cod Family Photo Locations

For those looking for something a little different, there are plenty of other location options on the outer Cape.  There are marshland walking trails, wooden bridges, breakwaters, picturesque towns, and even a swamp!

A boy in a pink shirt walks through a sandy path with tall wildflowers on either side
A boy in a pink shirt walks down a windy wooden boardwalk through marshlands on cape cod

The bottom line is this – the outer reaches of Cape Cod are a wonderland for a family photographer.  The myriad of amazing locations and the legendary light make for the perfect place to get family photos taken.  Contact me now to schedule your session or check out more of my Cape Cod portfolio here.