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Eastham Family Photos

This year I’ve seen a huge demand for family photos in Eastham (and all of Cape Cod for that matter).  Families are going on vacation again and getting back together after being apart during the pandemic.  What better place for family photos than Eastham on Cape Cod!

A family stands by a tidal pool during their eastham family photo session on first encounter beach

Cape Cod Beach Family Photos

By far the most popular location choice for Eastham Cape Cod family photos is the beach.  There are many bayside beach options in Eastham such as First Encounter Beach, Campground Beach, Sunken Meadow Beach, and Thumpertown Beach.  The bayside offers direct sunset views and expansive low tides making it a great choice for family photos.

A little girl and boy hug on the beach during their eastham family photo session at first encounter beach
A father and his toddler daughter laugh on the beach during their eastham family photo session on first encounter beach by brave hearts photography
A little girl walks through a tidal pool with her reflection below during an eastham family photo session

First Encounter Beach Family Photos

A popular choice (and my favorite) for beach family photos in Eastham is First Encounter Beach.  Accessibility at First Encounter Beach is great – there is a large parking lot and mostly flat access to the beach.  This beach is at its best when low tide coincides with golden hour or sunset.  As the tide goes out, it leaves behind a large expanse of tidal pools.  These make great photo locations and are fun for little kids to play in.

A family on the beach look at one of their daughters
A mom wearing red and white stands with her daughter wearing a navy dress on the beach
A little girl and boy hug their father on the beach
A black and white photo of two girls hugging their little cousins during an eastham family photo session

Eastham Photo Locations

In addition to the great bayside beaches like First Encounter Beach, there are several other options for Eastham family photo locations.  There are a couple of ocean beaches like Nauset Light Beach (under construction in 2021) and Coast Guard Beach.  There are also beautiful marsh locations like Fort Hill and the Salt Pond Visitor Center trails.

A father has his arms around his daughters as they laugh at him
A redheaded toddler girl smiles
A father holds his laughing toddler daughter up in the air

What to Wear for Beach Family Photos

Besides where to do them, the most popular question for Eastham visitors is what to wear for beach family photos!  A popular choice for a beach outfit color scheme is shades of blue.  Blues work well for beach photos because blue is a complementary color to orangey/yellow which is the predominant background color at the beach.  

A mom wearing a blue shirt swings her daughter around on the beach
A toddler girl laughs on the beach
A grandmother and her toddler grandaughter sit on a rock embankment on first encounter beach
A girl in a white dress swings a little girl around on the beach

Whatever you wear, come ready to have fun and take some great Eastham family photos!  To see more of my family photography portfolio click here, or contact me to book your family session.